More than two billion people in the world do not get enough essential vitamins and minerals in their daily diets. Those suffering from this invisible form of undernutrition are vulnerable to blindness, impaired physical and cognitive development, disease and even death. The impact of this lost potential is staggering; annual GDP losses from low weight, poor child growth and micronutrient deficiencies average 11 percent in Asia and Africa.
All children, regardless of where they are born, deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential. But for low-income farming families in developing countries, fruits and vegetables, high-quality proteins, vitamin supplements or processed food fortified with micronutrients are often sadly out of reach.

Skybrands Products are helping you as a daily Product to get enough Vitamins and Minerals. There is no GMO it’s just Biofortification! That is part of our Vision.
The nutritious maize and beans used in Skybrands products were developed through a conventional breeding process known as biofortification, which was pioneered by HarvestPlus. The video below was produced by HarvestPlus to explain the principles of biofortification and the benefits of biofortified foods for farmers and consumers. For more information about biofortification and the work of HarvestPlus, contact: harvestplus@cgiar.org.

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