The Nutrition Revolution

Nowadays we have a lot of diseases in Zimbabwe, which are caused by hidden hunger, which can be avoided by eating enough Vitamins and Minerals, the most important ones to avoid hidden hunger are Vitamin A, Zinc and Iron.

We feel responsible for the next generation, for those who are in school right now, it is our duty to avoid the hidden hunger because we know about it existence, and it is so easy if you know how to avoid it.

The boarding school meal in Zimbabwe looks quite similar day per day, its mostly Sadza and Beans, which is not very rich in Vitamins and Minerals, we can’t change the variety of their meals right now, but we can give them food which is very rich in Vitamin A, Zinc and Iron, that is why we fortified our Orange Maize Meal with Beta-Carotene, that is why we fortified our Beans with Iron and Zinc, it is our duty now, to help the next generation to have a better start into their lives! Help us now, be part of the nutrition revolution, with every meal you get you do good to yourself and to your child and you push the nutrition revolution forward, if you want to give more feel free to send us donations, we will bring one Kg  of food  into schools for every dollar you give, be part of the revolution, think orange now!





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